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New Orleans        Donna Brazile is good people.  Her aunt, Ethel Henderson, was Local 100’s Chief Steward in the Jefferson Parish School System before she retired.  She’s been to a mess of leadership trainings and even some ACORN conventions.  She’s not strictly a New Orleans girl, because her people mainly stayed in Kenner in Jefferson Parish, but “same same” when it gets the job done.   We don’t gossip about Donna.  We give her a big hug and ask about the family, but in the Washington Post the other day, Donna and ACORN were joined at the pen-signing hand.

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February 24, 2006 Friday
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Donna Brazile’s father, Lionel, only left Louisiana twice in his life — 
first to the Korean War, then to a San Antonio hurricane shelter. Both
times, he likes to say, the government picked up the tab.
Now he’s itching to get back to their home town, New Orleans, Brazile said,
but his family doesn’t think it’s safe for the widowed 75-year-old to return
to a wrecked neighborhood.

“You don’t know the tricks we’ve played to keep him in Baton Rouge,” the
Democratic strategist said. “We found him 20-year-old girlfriends! I tell my
sisters, ‘Go find him another nurse.’ ”

Brazile spoke with rueful wit about how Hurricane Katrina scattered scores
of close relatives across eight states at a Wednesday night gathering at the
Capitol Hill offices of Democratic consultant John Jameson. Money collected
at the small fundraiser benefited Katrina rebuilding efforts by the
nonprofit ACORN.

Over king cake and hurricanes, Brazile said she’s been hearing from Katrina
exiles stranded as far as Montana, trying to figure out how to make “bison
gumbo,” or begging her to mail some red beans or pickled pork.
“They want their coffee with chicory,” she mused. “People want their food
back. They want their city back.”


Thanks for always remembering the rest of us down here in the swamp, Donna!

While I’m at it the USA Today covered a piece the same day and gave a shout out to a bunch of alumni from Princeton, so let’s join in a boola-boola or is that another school?

On the opposite coast, a group of Princeton alumni in New York City will be
donning feathered masks and beads on Fat Tuesday as they raise money for disaster-relief efforts sponsored by the Association of Community Oganizations for Reform Now.

Thanks to you, too, whoever you are?!?

February 27, 2006

Donna Brazile