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Beijing I’m across the world, but business is business. Tanya Harris, New Orleans ACORN Head Organizer, was supposed to be with our delegation on this trip to Japan and China, but she ended up needing to stay home because her family needed her to be there, and it turned out that with all hell’s a popping in the Crescent City, it was well that she was at her post.

    Anderson Cooper of CNN has had a New Orleans thing since the storm, and he’s still on it. He is also doing a New Year’s Eve show in New York for CNN. Somehow — don’t ask me the details?!? — these two items were put together in a package, and now people are voting whether on the CNN website whether to bring ACORN’s Tanya to the Big Apple to recognize her work and ACORN’s labor in New Orleans.

From the website the blurb is the following:

CNN’s Anderson Cooper has made “keeping them honest” a mission of his nightly news show. At the end of the year, it’s time to look back and celebrate those who have worked hard to challenge authority, right wrongs and “keep them honest” in their own communities.

    Looking quickly Cooper’s show has highlighted 4 people including Tanya. They all seem wonderful folks: a youngster videotaping voting, a blind lawyer representing people with disabilities, and another young woman who made airport security change procedures for handling insulin. All of them should get to go to New York I’m sure, but, hey, this is about Tanya and saving her home and neighborhood in the Lower 9th Ward and the City of New Orleans, so we need to double-click, step up, represent, and vote for Tanya on CNN.

    Here’s what it says about Tanya:

Tanya Harris 
Fighting for the Lower Ninth

Through blood, sweat and tears, Tanya Harris fought the mayor and city officials of New Orleans to reopen the lower Ninth Ward, which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. She fought to bring back water and electricity — and the ward was reopened, largely because of her efforts. She also helped overturn a city ordinance that set a deadline for residents, many with no resources, to clean up their property or lose it.

    Here’s how to vote: click on the following:

    From there when you see the ACORN flag at the bottom, you can read what is above this prompt or do the right thing and give us a hand and go right to “Quick Vote” and fill in the circle next to the name: Tanya Harris.

    You have until 11:00 PM on Saturday to get this done!