Korean Benchmark

ACORN International Personal Writings

Buenos Aires    There’s talk about organizing globally, and then there’s the real deal.

    Thank to our friend and colleague Na Hyowoo in Korea, Peter Kuhns and his staff in Los Angeles is proving ACORN organizer training for Yang Jae Duk, who is the chair of the Unemployed and Relief Committee in Inchon City outside of Seoul.  Brother Yang had hosted a meeting of many organizers from Inchon who welcomed me enthusiastically when I visited there last fall.  These things are never easy as we think globally and act both locally and globally knitting together languages and cultures.

    Of course Peter wanted Yang to have the best experience doing a casita or home visit as possible, so this morning he wondered if Na, who knows the ins and outs of organizing, could do a quick translation to help Mr. Yang hit the doors.

    In no time (though it was probably the middle of the night!), Na was all over this project as he has proven to be so often, and he had produced the first official translation of the ACORN organizers door knocking rap in Korean.  How exciting!  Another benchmark in our work!  I had to share it with special thanks to my friend, Na!
    If you would like a copy of the rap, contact Nicole @ chieforgasst1@acorn.org.