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Atlanta        Flipping through pages in The Economist I passed by an advertisement that caught my eye for a not-for-profit in the UK based in either London or Manchester.  The positions were paying a hearty 55-80,000 pounds and that is serious money, my friends, in these days of the declining dollar.

    Anyway, the group was called the Commission for Equality and Human Rights (CEHR) and described itself as a “new national organization dedicated to creating a more equal Britain, confident with all aspects of its diversity….”  They were looking to fill several positions, but the one that I found most interesting was the post of Director of Foresight.  In a world where new titles seem to be everything, the other day in California I was handed a card that identified the person as being part of “special operations,” a Director of Foresight still stands out as something different, and perhaps special.

    Here is the description:  

    “You will be the internal authority on the shape of the equality and human rights landscape in Britain, anticipating future trends and identifying key strategic objectives.  You will distill this analysis into the CEHR’s triennial State of the Nation report, setting targets to bring Britain closer to fairness and equality.”

    What a great gig, eh?  Thinking about the future in three year blocks and speculating on where to draw lines in the sand of the future.  And they are even offering to pay people to do this daily day dreaming about a more equitable future.

    The line forms quickly over there for something like this, I would bet!