No Mail

ACORN Ideas and Issues Personal Writings

Washington In trying to sort out the problem in the Democratic primaries of voters in Michigan and Florida being disenfranchised within their party selection systems all manner of proposals have been made defining self-interest within exacting degrees. We have weighed in on the simpler issue that a manual ballot is preferable to a mail ballot.

Yesterday in a note about the strange weather patterns of La Nina and global warning, we are pretty clear that in fact hell must have frozen over. As evidence we would cite the fact that John Fund, a Wall Street Journal columnist, and long time scurrilous opponent and truth-bender when it comes to ACORN, actually quoted Mike Slater from Project Vote in a favorable mention. If ACORN and our family of organizations and John Fund are aligned then in fact the stars and moon must have come together to oppose mail ballots in these putative contests conclusively. It is official now: they can not and are not allowed to happen!

The quote for those of us keeping score:

“In 2004 Broward County, which includes Fort Lauderdale, mailed 58,000 absentee ballots out that didn’t arrive on time–or, in some cases, ever. Mike Slater, deputy director of the nonpartisan Project Vote registration group, told the Palm Beach Post that election officials, not postal workers, should be the main overseers of elections: "Mail is an unreliable tool."’