Bechaks on Parade in NOLA

ACORN Ideas and Issues International Personal Writings

New Orleans        The Indonesian rickshaws called bechaks donated for use by ACORN International to spread the word of the work and, importantly, to raise money for the organizing, were display at the building on Canal Street to celebrate Independence Day.  Free rides were given from the front patio of the office down Canal Street to the drugstore parking lot and back.  
    Let’s be honest, people had a ball!  Cars slowed down and waved.  Pedestrians commented and queried.  Everybody smiled and grinned.  The ACORN International bechaks were a hit!

    ACORN International was getting the word out that the bechaks were going to be available for parties, parades, second lines, celebrations, open houses, and anything else where people wanted to offer rides and fun for people.   Details are still be worked out, but contact Jesse Rafert at to make it all happen!

Judy Agarwal, CCI’s international bookkeeper, waves to the crowd.
Miss Shirley, ACORN Center receptionist on the 1st floor, gives up a grin!