Thank You Notes for Dropping Beck

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0_61_beck_320New Orleans My mother is from Sunflower County, Mississippi.  They raise a lot of cotton and soybeans around there and once upon a time a ton of mischief, but one other thing they seem to specialize in is manners.  We were force fed manners from birth and even as you get sloppy about it, the imprint is strong, so I know it’s time for me to send a personal thank you note to the twenty (20) corporate advertisers that have now pulled their money out of the Glenn Beck Fox News disinformation, hate speech, and general rant show.

My thank you notes are going to some outfits that I never thought would be so solidly on my team, like Wal-Mart and ConAgra!  Admittedly, they weren’t doing me a personal favor, but nonetheless it is a huge favor.  A couple of months ago, I honestly had no idea who Glenn Beck was, but when he started stalking me around the world and virtually putting my picture on a wanted sign and a bulls-eye on my back, well, how can I say this:  he got my attention.   Most of these outfits could live with all of that craziness, but when he started calling President Obama a racist, that crossed the green, money line for them, so “Man overboard!” for Beck.

But enough of that, let’s give some thanks to my 20 new friends (a least on this issue!):

  1. Wal-Mart
  2. Best Buy
  3. CVS Drugstores
  4. Allergen
  5. Ally Bank (part of GMAC!)
  6. Broadview Security
  7. Re-Bath
  8. Travelocity
  9. ConAgra

10.  GEICO


12.  Men’s Wearhouse

13.  Proctors & Gamble

14.  Progressive Insurance

15.  Radio Shack

16.  Roche

17.  SC Johnson

18.  Sanofi-Aventi

19.  Sargento

20.  State Farm Insurance

And, a huge debt of thanks to Color of Change, StopBeck, and a whole lot of others that have raised their voices and said, hey, enough of this craziness hate speech.  Here’s to you!