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Glenn Beck Going Down

GwdLiarsBeckNew Orleans We have finally reached bottom. I heard the splash, so we can measure exactly how far it is from normal to wacko crazy at Fox News finally when Glenn Beck and his maddening fantasy and conspiracy tour turned out to be even too much for Fox to handle. Turns out according to the behind-the-back whispers that neither Fox News nor Beck was ever happy, and they shed big fat alligator tears all the way to bank as they both made their deposits off the hate and hurt they inflicted on the American people and their viewers.

Heck, I know I’m broken up about it all, too. I hope they sell “no sympathy” cards at the drugstore now.

Big props to Media Matters, the Color of Change, and scores of other groups though on this one! Finally, our team gets to count coup, because despite all of this touchy-feely baloney from both Beck and Fox, the real story is that when 400 advertisers tell Fox, here’s my check but don’t spend it with that dangerous clown, they even understand that in Australian dialect that Rupert Murdoch can follow no matter what spin they put on it.

Unfortunately, Glenn Beck as the Charlie Sheen of the “news” room, isn’t out of business by any stretch of the imagination, and instead will just be moving his wild parade and carnival show down the road to another channel. Beck is still a big timer, just not a Fox friend. With 1.5 million viewers he had a base, his radio show is still a hit, and his weirdo books sell like hotcakes. The hate train is still rolling across the country and the whistle is blowing loudly at every stop.

My bet is that Beck, if anything will only get worse, now that he’s driven (or jumped?) even more underground where there is no governor on his conspiracy accelerator or muzzle on his mouth. The blackboards were killing him on TV. School is boring! Whoever convinced Beck that play school would be more attractive than the horror we all remember.

Let’s celebrate this victory and remember, as the coaches always say, we still have to keep winning the games scheduled today and tomorrow. Glenn Beck is a player. We have be ready to go with our “A” game every day with this dangerous dude!


Thank You Notes for Dropping Beck

0_61_beck_320New Orleans My mother is from Sunflower County, Mississippi.  They raise a lot of cotton and soybeans around there and once upon a time a ton of mischief, but one other thing they seem to specialize in is manners.  We were force fed manners from birth and even as you get sloppy about it, the imprint is strong, so I know it’s time for me to send a personal thank you note to the twenty (20) corporate advertisers that have now pulled their money out of the Glenn Beck Fox News disinformation, hate speech, and general rant show.

My thank you notes are going to some outfits that I never thought would be so solidly on my team, like Wal-Mart and ConAgra!  Admittedly, they weren’t doing me a personal favor, but nonetheless it is a huge favor.  A couple of months ago, I honestly had no idea who Glenn Beck was, but when he started stalking me around the world and virtually putting my picture on a wanted sign and a bulls-eye on my back, well, how can I say this:  he got my attention.   Most of these outfits could live with all of that craziness, but when he started calling President Obama a racist, that crossed the green, money line for them, so “Man overboard!” for Beck.

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