Message from the Stars

ACORN Community Organizations International

astronomical-chart-01New Orleans I’m not a big fan of astrology with all respect to its legion of fans, but when between the hate-spam and the whacky hate-email, a simple query from professional astrologer, S.A. Hopkins, asking the exact date and time of ACORN’s founding seemed refreshing, so I was glad to respond.  S.A also baited the hook by telling me that based on my birthday I had…”a Mars/Neptune conjunction in Libra – great for volunteer work and fighting for the underprivileged.”  Hey, what did I have to lose?

So, what do I make of all of this?  Take everything with a grain of salt and try to get what enjoyment and insight might fall our way.  According to S.A, my international work sounds like it’s in good shape and my upcoming trip with the Organizers’ Forum to Thailand and then on to visit our offices in India in early October seem good.  As for the rest, keep our head down and our shoulder to the wheel seems to be the best advice from the stars.

Here’s all of it according to my new friend, astrologer, S.A. Hopkins!  And, even though I’m not working with ACORN in the United States, here’s S.A’s view of what’s in the stars for ACORN, so I’ll pass it on in that spirit:

Hi Wade,
Here’s some info you may find interesting or helpful.
Using the “birth” date of 6/18/70 3:00 pm, Little Rock, AR, Acorn has a Gemini Sun, Sagittarius Moon and Libra rising (assuming a somewhat accurate birth time).

It looks like Acorn is coming into a challenging period of restructuring which will also involve a lot of work on its image. This process will last 5 years.
In late 2014, there will be a rebirth of sorts, having cleansed itself of anything
that prevents further positive growth. To use a farming metaphor, this period is about preparing the ground for new growth. (I know, sounds like “Being There”.)
There will obviously be heavy scrutiny, or worse, in the coming years.
Pluto in Capricorn (think Orwell) will oppose Acorn’s natal Mars (activities) and
Saturn (the cosmic cop) enters Libra this fall and will cross over Acorn’s ascendant (image, how the org is perceived).
If this were the chart of an individual, they would go through a period of
self examination and external criticism. They would lose weight, if necessary. An organization would be wise to do the same.
My interpretation is that Acorn needs to redefine itself and its approach.

Wade, between you and I – I think that with Saturn in Acorn’s 12th house (hidden enemies or self-undoing in traditional astrology) It’s possible that the enemy is within. Infiltration from the outside (government agency), or a few bad apples on the inside? I don’t know.
Challenging periods would be late Nov. – early Dec. 2009, Jan. 8-18th, 2010, early April 2010, late May 2010 and early Dec. 2010.

Back to Acorn’s natal chart. The planet Neptune is placed in the 2nd house. The second house has to do with money, values, assets, etc. Neptune is idealism and compassion, but on the flip side can indicate illusion, confusion, deception and mishandling of funds.
Any organization or company would have to watch the checkbook with this placement.

Every chart, whether it’s for an individual or an organization shows where there is a higher purpose or Dharma.
The chart also shows where the individual or entity can be led astray.
With Acorn’s North Node in Pisces, it is clearly a compassionate vision which led to the
founding of the organization. With its Moon in Sagittarius there is an expansive world view as well.

The potential problem areas are guilt by association, and possibly trying to juggle too much (too many things to too many people)

With the Sagittarius Moon, Acorn could eventually find greater success outside the US borders.

That’s about it for now. I wish you and the organization well.

Oh yeah, try to steer clear of the period between Dec. 20, 2009 and March 10, 2010 for starting any major projects (Mars retrograde in Leo).
It’s best to wait til the spring….especially for a double Leo such as yourself. The first two weeks of Oct. ’09 is good for moving forward on most activities.