350 Actions for Climate Change

Community Organizations International International

HSTNew Orleans There were thousands of actions around the globe on Saturday responding to a call issued by American author Bill McKibben to do something to symbolize the need to move to 350 parts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere compared to the 387 parts CO2, where we are now.  These things flare up from time to time for their moment in the news, but this one might be timelier because of the impending negotiations in Copenhagen.

In Vancouver a young activists, Ajay Puri at the Citizen Wealth event the other night briefed me on their activities throughout the area with great enthusiasm.  Luckily, I was not caught totally off guard because ACORN India’s union of ragpickers had also agreed to join participate in the 350 actions from Dharavi in Mumbai.

And, did so in fine form!   ‘Dharavi ragpickers seek recognition

Once you click on the link you will see 350 spelled out on the banner in plastic pieces that our members recently recycled and can read Vinod Shetty’s (ACORN India’s director in Mumbai) comments on all of this as well.

The same action and banner was also caught on video in Dharavi itself on this piece:   Dharavi’s Day of Action against Global Warming

Just a small example of Community Organizations International / ACORN International doing our part in this important effort, and this doesn’t even count all of the “Live Green” work we are doing through ACORN Canada in Toronto!