Dancing in the Streets of New Orleans

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new-orleans-saints1New Orleans The fireworks starting going off during the last minute of play.  It was clear.  The impossible was now possible.  Hell had frozen over.  Snow was certain for July.  The Saints had won the Super Bowl!

Driving down the streets in the neighborhoods was hard.  There was too much dancing in the streets.  Second lines had broken out on Franklin Avenue, on St. Claude, and god knows what was happening in the Quarters.

Horns were honking everywhere.  Who dats were in the air.  Beer cans raised in salutes.

This was better than Mardi Gras.  Too many tourists then.

This was a down home celebration for a broken back city that was ready to cheer and say, “We’re back at ya!”

Who dat gonna beat da Saints?  Nobody in 2010!

We’re marching in!