Foreclosures in Tijuana

Community Organizations International Foreclosure

tijuanaLima The details were somewhat illusive but the issue was profound when we heard leaders from ACORN Mexico in Tijuana describing a more vicious twist to the foreclosure crisis that has been gripping their neighbors in the United States. The reports focused on more than 6000 houses in Tijuana that have seen a government assisted takeover of homes at drastically reduced prices, which are then being flipped over to investors and new owners at much higher prices who are based in the United States. If we can confirm the process in which this is happening, the emerging movement for foreclosure resistance may start sweeping from areas like Phoenix and Tampa south of the border to places like Tijuana, Mexico.

Pieced together with other reports like the displacement of slum dwellers and informal workers in Delhi for the Commonwealth Games coming to that city in October 2010 and high remittance charges for displaced workers and families in Santiago, Dominican Republic back to Haiti, the leaders of ACORN International were often shocked as they assembled the information that can only come from the bottom and is ignored or unknown at the top.