International Reports Via Skype

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P1010014Lima In a bold experiment at the ACORN International staff meeting we tried to schedule and link our far flung offices together via free Skype connections to be able to hear reports from India and Kenya and introduce staff and leaders to each other. As the expression goes in Spanish it was mas a minos!

On our end in Lima webmaster magician, Josh Stuart from ACORN Canada, tried to get the projector and speaker to work on four different computers before getting my baby, cheapo Acer to do the job, sorta. In the process we lost connect with Vinod Shetty of Mumbai calling from Europe. We were finally able to hear Dharmendra Kumar and Om Pradash from Delhi and they could see us, but we could not see them on the web camera.. We kept getting emails from Kenya but for whatever reason were unable to find them on line even though their Acer was the same as mine. Frustration was setting in until we finally got a big win in Bangalore.

Suresh was right on time and he could see us and we could see him. A projector beamed him up to the wall and the excitement and enthusiasm was amazing. He could also see us, though in a somewhat blurry fashion. When Kay Bisnath, ACORN International president from Toronto, sat in front of the computer and was able to question Suresh about the work and progress, it was truly transforming how we could imagine the power of the communications and this new and accessible tool.

Pioneering is hell, but worth every bit of the journey!