Why Not Coffeehouses in Latin America to Support Cooperatives and Organizing

ACORN International Coffee Community Organizing Ideas and Issues

Miami              The more we talked to coffee producer cooperatives in the Marcala and San Juancito mountains of Honduras and tried to piece together a plan to directly trade coffee to the USA and Canada and especially our own Fair Grinds Coffeehouse in New Orleans and its monthly support of our offices in Central America, the …

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Caveat Emptor / Buyers Beware the Fair Trade Mess

Community Organizations International Ideas and Issues International

New Orleans               Part of the global dispute that ACORN International highlighted in our recently released report, “Unfair Fairtrade” www.acorninternational.org, burst into the business section of the Times in a weird piece of Thanksgiving celebration.  The issue engaged most directly continued to be the rouge retreat of Fair Trade USA and its chief, Paul Rice, from …

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