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stephen harperMontreal If Fox News and the Murdoch empire were not enough of a pill to swallow on a daily basis in the US, we now have to also watch the political machinations in Canada as they try to put the pieces together to bring their wild, whacky, and right wing slant to the north.  In Canada the path is being greased it seems right at the top by Prime Minister Stephen Harper who thinks a Fox News North will be his cup of tea.

The long and short of it is that many are speculating that he is trying to push out the head of the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) in order to remove the delays that would hold off consideration of a license for the Fox friends until late roughly a year from now in October 2011.  In a move that seems to be a page straight out of the US-Republican playbook, the Prime Minister is also chortling no doubt about the fact that his former communications chief is now controlling Sun Media’s political coverage giving him a friend in need indeed.

In a country known for a modicum of civility it seems paradoxical to imagine the Fox twist and shout teams in the great north, but the fringe seems to be spreading everywhere, and these are people who aren’t looking for a majority but a hard core group of wild fans.  There’s always some, and clearly Harper and the Fox wannabees who would like to parrot the programming and success of Fox in Canada are men with a mission in politics, even if it’s weird media.