Egyptian Misogynous and Brutal Military must be Stopped

Ideas and Issues Organizing Protests

New Orleans Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has this exactly right when she says the beating of bystanders, protestors, and women in Cairo’s Tafhir Square are “shocking.”

Furthermore she added in a speech at Georgetown, “This systematic degradation of Egyptian women dishonors the revolution, disgraces the state and its uniform and is not worthy of a great people.”   The fact that Clinton has no credibility in Egypt these days should not distract from the timely correctness of her position now.

The video of the beat down and military “riot” in the Tafhir as they beat the living hell out of people with truncheons is sickening to watch.   Nonetheless, double click the YouTube feature which allows you to spend a couple of minutes and feel the panic and fear of the protestors.

Perhaps the only poignant moment in this brutalizing video and a reckoning of the loss of moral core of the military enforcers are the frames picturing one solitary solider of the hundreds on the film, who stops, stoops down, and tries to cover the woman who had been beaten and exposed in a huge cultural breach by the military, but one that is not as the Field Marshall argued an exception, but a clear illustration of the misogyny of the military.  The video makes it unmistakable that these were not instances that arose from fear and reaction from the soldiers.  No way!  The soldiers here are absolutely the aggressors and in full pursuit of the protestors, sticks swinging, and brutalizing anyone and everyone in their way.  This is disgusting.  The military in Egypt is totally unfit to govern!

Women yesterday in the thousands made history by marching into Tafrir Square chanting, “Drag me, strip me, my brothers’ blood will cover me!”  I hope the world hears their cry.

The whole world will be forced to change if people hear their cry:

“The girls of Egypt are here!”