ACORN Bristol Begins!

ACORN ACORN International Community Organizing
ACORN Bristol Crew from left to right: Louie Herbert, Nick Ballard, and Stu Elliot
ACORN Bristol Crew from left to right: Louie Herbert, Nick Ballard, and Stu Elliot

Bristol   After 7 hours with our first organizing committee introduction with leadership and organizer training workshop at the Easton Community Centre in Bristol, it’s fair to say that we’re on our way and off to a great start.  People were both serious and excited, and hunkered down to the tasks before them with another meeting in two weeks as the organizing committee membership expands.  The first 10 members have now joined at 5 pounds per month and we’re on our way.

            The day involved a deep discussion of the ACORN Model and how it might work in Easton as well as the chance to practice doorknocking and spend serious time doing some planning of potential issues in the neighborhood.  Given the level of tenancy in Easton, not surprisingly one group worked on how they would construct a campaign to limit “letting” (leasing) agency fees from 150 pounds to get a flat and the other sketched out a campaign to deal with mold and health hazards in units where landlords were not making repairs and the dampness was causing asthma and respiratory problems.   Very exciting stuff.

            Easton has about 13000 people and is a polyglot area, once largely white working class, but now also Somalian, Indian, Pakistani, Afro-Caribbean, and more.  Much more! 

            Pictures can speak thousands of words. 

            Here comes ACORN Bristol!

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