Republicans Can’t Shut Down Congress? Well, Let’s Take Some Licks at ACORN!

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ACORN-ProtestersLondon       Two cold, crisp, but clear days in London, so I should have known that it would be raining as I head for the 445 trains that will put me in France later this morning to meet with more groups.  One almost predicts the other.   Same for the Republicans, it seems.  The radicals don’t seem to be able to convince the rest of the gang to shut down the government again, so what is a wild haired, meat eating red-stater to do.  Well, how about we take a couple of more kicks at ACORN?  What the hey?!?

Sure enough!  After thinking that finally four years after the leaders and managers of ACORN US through in the towel, once again the Huffington Post is reporting that the omnibus budget bills are including language to bar ACORN from any federal funding.  I haven’t read it all, but it looks like what they use as their boilerplate not only banning ACORN, but its children, grandchildren, legacy and successor organizations for seven generations.

I guess we should be thankful.  They really can’t touch ACORN, and if the sad sacks actually spent  five minutes thinking about any of this legislation other than hateration, they might try to take off after some other innocent, hapless nonprofits, and who needs that?  They may have knocked us down a couple of years ago, but usually the one thing we had proven over and over, is that we could take a punch and keep on popping up for more.

So another day, another dollar, another plane to catch, other organizers to meet, more meetings in more neighborhoods, more cities, more provinces, states, and countries, and more foolish appropriations riders in the US Congress.  The world is obviously spinning smoothly on its axis, so this is obviously the way everything is meant to be.