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IMG_2806New Orleans        The dressing process continues, endlessly it seems.  Perhaps we had misheard earlier.  It must not have been that our house looked like a Wes Anderson set, but that they were trying to create a “Wes Anderson-type” set.  As we are quickly being pushed into a smaller and smaller section of the house with only our bedroom and a part of the kitchen still semi-habitable, we still find ourselves still curious about the process.

The crew’s latest work was to elaborately – and hopefully temporarily – lay on wallpaper.  In the living room a rich, burgundy red design that seems to speak to a Victorian past.  In the bed room a peculiar blue thing that surpasses easy description, but certainly seems camp.

A piece forwarded from Phil Prince, the location scout, from the Times of India, seems to pitch the production as a comedy of sorts.

Fahadh to act in a comedy next

Feb 19, 2015, 12.00AM IST TNN[ Shruti Karthikeyan ]

Actor Fahadh Faasil plays the cards right when it comes to picking up roles as different as chalk and cheese.

Now, he is getting ready to be part of a comedy drama. Titled Bourbon Street, the movie is helmed by newbie Abi Varghese, writer and director of the popular Malayalam sitcom Akkara Kazchakal. So will his maiden venture be on the similar lines of the popular sitcom? He says, “The film will have subtle humour like Akkara Kazchakal, but will be different in its treatment and style. I have been writing this film for the past two years. Living in the US all my life, my views of being a Malayali is skewed. We are a quirky bunch and I always try to bring out that quirkiness in all my works. This film too will have that offbeat wit.”

The comedy entertainer will see Fahadh playing the lead role. Delhi Belly fame Vijay Raaz has also been roped in to play an important role in the film.

ABCD scriptwriter Naveen Bhaskar and George Kanatt have written the dialogues while Abi and Matt Grubb have penned the script of the film. The movie will comprise cast and crew from Kerala and the US. Hollywood cinematographer Lukasz Pruchnik, who cranked the camera for Go Goa Gone, will wield the camera.

“We will be filming in New Orleans. I like the place because it is apt for the obscure reality that we are trying to build in this film,” adds the director.

Actors Nandu, Ambika, Tovino Thomas, Vinay Forrt, Sanju Sivaram, Alencier Lay Lopez, Thampy Antony, Catherine Philipose and Josekutty Valiyakallumkal are the other artistes. New face Iswarya Menon will make her debut with this film, which is expected to start rolling this month.

Prince leafleted the neighbors warning one and all to park on the other side of the street and giving our address as the source of the mischief, so the jig is up.  The leaflet says they are filming three days from 11 AM to 11PM – yikes!






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