Lost in the 50’s Again: Chasing Moksha V

Ideas and Issues

IMG_2816New Orleans       Living in a movie set mainly convinces you that a house can hold two sets of furniture, tools, storage bins, and the like, but not necessarily real people not part of the production and cast.  We’ll have to head for the hills now, since they plan to film from 10 AM in the morning until 11 PM at night.  “Over my dead body,” we start whispering to ourselves, which is a sure sign that we need to decamp with enough to make it over a couple of days plus the dog.

The scenes for the shooting continue to unfold though.  On the whole we seem lost in the 50’s somewhere, which perhaps is the Wes Anderson nostalgia metaphor as the dawn finally rises from our film fog. We are now inundated with artifacts of that era:  Waring blenders, record turntables, box television sets, and turquoise and gold chairs.  Some surprising items crop into the scene, like computers circa 1980 or so, but who is counting, right, this is a movie for goodness’ sakes!   The pasted on wallpaper has to go, but the mustard yellow paint in the dining room is right in the heart of my palette, so with luck – and some negotiations – it might be a keeper.

As we prepare for homelessness, our new motto will have to be: “anything for art!”








Alabama “Forty Hour Week” Live at Farm Aid 1985