How Can Trump Change, If He’s Never Told the Facts?

Ideas and Issues

Pearl River     Ok, so “bad judgement” is his middle name, but we’ve moving from tragedy to pathos when we read and watch President Trump go through his stupefying descent.   He clearly has lost touch with reality.  Since he brought it on himself, there’s no way to feel sorry for him, compared to how we feel about the current state of the nation especially, but it is nonetheless staggering.  Admittedly, he has no interest in any reality outside of his own imposed imagination, but what chance did he have, when none of his sycophants ever tell the truth or give him the facts?

Dr. Fauci, the nation’s most trusted voice on the coronavirus, is missing in action and the widespread subject of an all-points bulletin since he has invisible over the last three weeks as the virus has soared to new US-records.  Same of the head of CDC and the virus coordinator.  The word from sources in the White House:  he was too “doom and gloom.”  Translated that means he wasn’t on message with Trump’s Wonderland world where the virus is not a problem, people aren’t dying, and the economy is roaring.

This is not a new phenomenon.

Every report from John Bolton, the hard-right hawk whose narcissism matches the president’s, indicates that the policy all around Trump was “no news, but good news.”  That’s sort of a problem when it has to do with national security, right?  Even if Bolton is self-serving, he did take notes, seemingly all the time, and you can’t make all of this up.  An article in The New Yorker profiling Fiona Hill, also a note taker, and a Russian expert, said the same thing.

That’s the history of his administration, but the contemporary reports of his campaign are more of the same.  Polls showing that he is trailing Biden are hidden from him.  Campaign workers make up numbers for him on battleground states.  Promoters convince him that there may be huge crowds in Tulsa, and he barely draws 6000 people.

His message is now all about aggrieved white people and some kind of wild and zany, left, antifa madness trying to derail him and the country.  Uninterested in the facts and surrounded by job-sick, fawning acolytes, and family, rather than give him the medicine, they combine to create bogeymen to explain the fact that he is jumping the shark, as they used to say in his TV-world.

Here’s what took me aback though.  Part of the reason is that his people are afraid of his bad modes and temper tantrums.  I get the fact that he’s the President and deserves respect, but don’t all of these people take an oath to serve the country, rather than the bully in the bedroom watching Fox News until almost noon on a work day?

Trump doesn’t have a clue any more, but truth to tell, none of his people are willing to offer him one either.  This is all not ending well.