Time to Get on Board the Health Insurance Train Again

Health Care Ideas and Issues

            New Orleans      We all remember the Affordable Care Act of 2010, right?  You know, Obamacare!  Many of you may have been there and done that, gotten on or walked on by because of rules then, or tax credits that didn’t make much sense.  It’s time to take another look, but the deadline is January 15th Sunday to pick and choose with coverage starting on February 1st, so don’t put this off.

Bottom line, enrollment has gotten easier.  Even better, the actual health policies have gotten cheaper, pretty much across the board, and the subsidies and tax credits have gotten much, much better.  The Biden administration took advantage of the pandemic in a “silver lining in the clouds” play to make getting health insurance coverage easier and less expensive because it mattered more in the national and worldwide health crisis.  In fact, so good that according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 80% of the enrollees now benefit from the tax credit incentives.  As for premiums, don’t go negative on me, some are as low as $10 per month.  “Bidencare”, might just be one of the great bargains ever!

Enrollment has soared, and if you’re not in that number, you need to get it together and climb on the train.  Some states have different marketplaces with hybrid things here and there, but don’t let that intimidate you.  Go on http://www.healthcare.gov to sign up and if your state has a separate system, no worries, the federal marketplace will automatically direct you there, so easy-peasy.

Hey, you’re feeling good today.  You have a spring in your step.  You’re younger than the average bear.  You’re bulletproof, right?  Learn something from Monday Night Football when Damar Hamlin, a world-class athlete, playing safety for the NFL’s Buffalo Bills and starting every game this season, took a weird blow to the heart where the chances are astronomically small that everything would line up as trouble, yet he went down for the count, only saved by CPR and fast intervention with a long road back.  I’m not saying you and Hamlin are the same, but I am saying, none of us are machines, we can all be brought down in the blink of an eye.  I had a snakebit in 2021 that put me in the hospital for a minute in a Little Rock emergency room, for example.  You see what I’m saying?

Brothers and sisters, anything can happen at any time, that’s why we all need healthcare coverage for ourselves and our family.  I’m talking about accidents, but the other great thing about healthcare coverage is prevention, and that comes with this package.  Physicals, no problem, no costs.  Inoculation’s, same.  It’s a long list.

For all of our sake, but mainly for yourself:  do this!  Get covered!  It’s online, and if that’s a problem, grab a young one and sit them in front of the screen until you score.  No excuses!  Get it done!