Politicizing and Dehumanizing Skills

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  Marble Falls      Talking to NYU Professor Natasha Iskander on Wade’s World  and reading her new book, Does Skill Make Us Human?  Migrant Workers in 21st Century Qatar and Beyond, forces us to confront the fact that we don’t think enough about skills.  Employers, educators and politicians constantly promote more effort and programs to increase skills.  We all talk about …

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Loose Ends at Year End

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 Marble Falls     The end of every year always finds me with contradictory feelings, and I don’t think that’s something that just happens to me.  On one hand, I’m ready for a new year.  There’s excitement over new projects, a clean slate, a quick restart after the slow walk of the last year’s passing.  On the other hand, there are …

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The Pro-Choice Paths Not Taken

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 New Orleans       There was a depressing op-ed in the New York Times entitled “Losing the Fight Over Abortion” by Amy Littlefield, a correspondent for The Nation.  Sadly, this may be the first of many post-mortems for Roe v. Wade, even before the Supreme Court puts the knife in its heart after decades with hundreds of cuts by courts, cities, and states.  Even more discouraging …

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All Politics are Local. All Issues are National?

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 Little Rock      Tip O’Neil, the iconic old Boston pol, and former Speaker of the US House of Representatives, once famously expressed the dicta, “all politics are local.”  Even as the modern world is increasingly knitted together, that observation continues to hold in many areas.  What may be changing is not the fact that all politics are local, but …

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