Another Katrina Coup d’ Gras for Lower-Income Homeowners

ACORN Hurricane Louisiana Recovery Pandemic

            New Orleans     Katrina is now more than seventeen years ago.  That’s a long time, New Orleans should be way over the storm by now.  Unfortunately, people are still trying to get home.  Others are still in the half-life of rebuilding from paycheck to paycheck.  The Lower 9th Ward, home of low-and-moderate, working Black …

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Hardening the Power Grid

Climate Change Electricity Cooperatives Energy Hurricane Privatization

            Marble Falls      When Hurricane Ida came into the greater New Orleans area in August 2021, we were spared, or so we thought.  The levees held.  Flooding was minimal.  Evacuations were chaotic, leading for continuing calls for re-establishing contraflow to ease mass exits, but on the whole, we all mostly felt lucky.  Then the …

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