The Pandemic Proletariat

Amazon Pandemic Unions Wade's World

Pearl River      Remember the pandemic?  Remember when there were “essential” workers and everyone pretended to care about them?  Right, that was so 2020, wasn’t it?  Talking to Middlebury College sociologist and former labor organizer Jamie McCallum on Wade’s World about his recent book, Essential:  How the Pandemic Transformed the Long Fight for Worker Justice, he …

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Another Katrina Coup d’ Gras for Lower-Income Homeowners

ACORN Hurricane Louisiana Recovery Pandemic

            New Orleans     Katrina is now more than seventeen years ago.  That’s a long time, New Orleans should be way over the storm by now.  Unfortunately, people are still trying to get home.  Others are still in the half-life of rebuilding from paycheck to paycheck.  The Lower 9th Ward, home of low-and-moderate, working Black …

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Pandemics versus Other Disasters:  Bush versus Biden-Trump

Pandemic Safety Net Workers

            Marble Falls     I can already hear the squealing even more than a thousand miles from Washington, DC.  Despite a miraculous pandemic recovery in many areas, especially jobs, there will be some redcoats jumping up and down about fraud connected to the bailout through the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) and other programs.  I quickly …

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