Bullying Must Be Working

Impunity Politics

Marble Falls        From what I read; it’s getting rougher out there.  Bullying has always been a problem in the schoolyard since time immemorial.  With social media, all stops are off with teens, women, and anyone even slightly different than the herd.   Those of us now long grown can be thankful that we escaped the …

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When Florida’s DeSantis Coughs, Arkansas’s Sanders Sneezes

COVID-19 Education Elections Future Impunity Legislation Politics

            Little Rock       Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis in a Twitter technical meltdown has finally announced his bid for the Republican nomination for president.  The kowtowing Republican supermajority in the Florida legislature has gone out of their way to pass wild and wooly legislation to establish his ultra-conservative bonafides.  Less well known nationally has been the …

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What are Some Politicians Thinking These Days?

Ethics Impunity Politics

            New Orleans      In what still seems the political “age of Trump,” probably the wrong question to ask, is “what are they thinking?”  With misinformation, boundless conspiracies, and many feeling free to talk about scuttling elections and civil war, I’m probably out of line even wondering.  Nonetheless, even acknowledging that the American political lists …

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