The Silence of History

History Journalism

Marble Falls     Vacation is a good time to try and do some reading.  I don’t say catch-up with my reading, because there’s no such thing.  We’re always reading.  There’s always more to read.  Reading almost defines the Sisyphean project of constantly pushing up the hill and never getting there.  I’m actually good with that.  It’s the journey more than the destination that …

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The NY Times and James O’Keefe: Goes Around, Comes Around

ACORN Journalism

Marble Falls      This is a season that just keeps on giving.  Not the least of the gifts is irony.  I say this as I read the latest protest in the current saga of James O’Keefe, rightwing saboteur, convict, and serial scammer, and his misnamed Project Veritas versus the New York Times.              Here’s the deal.  The Times was sued by O’Keefe’s Project Veritas …

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