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Douala, Cameroon   Being in central, west Africa for the latest edition of the Organizers’ Forum and, even more excitingly, the first-ever meeting of all ACORN-affiliated organizers in Africa, my eyes immediately caught a piece in the on-line Times touting that “Inspired by the US, West Africans Wield Smartphone to Fight Police Abuse.” For several reasons …

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We Need to Take Advantage of Opportunities for Formal Protest

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New Orleans    Recently as our family of organizations met for our annual planning meeting and the groups from each sector reported back, the reporter from the union mentioned that one of their goals for the year was taking better advantage of postings at their contractual job sites where they had access to bulletin boards to …

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With Project React, the Citizens Alliance Follows Members to Africa

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Bristol        Meetings with the Alliance Citoyenne organizers broke for a couple of hours of sleep, and then plowed on against the clock.  The morning was gray in Paris and cooler after an amazingly warm and clear Indian summer afternoon the previous day, so there was no temptation not to hue to the plan.  The conversation was …

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