Counting on Kavanagh

Rights Supreme Court

            New Orleans      I’ll have to admit that even in the worst of situations, I’m always looking for the handles.  The small openings where work and action can make a difference; the windows that are still open, even as others are locked shut.  All of that has me looking more closely at Justice Kavanagh …

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“Because they can”

Rights Supreme Court Women

            Marble Falls     We’ve always been clear in the work that I’ve shared with so many others that’s the “rule of law” is little more than a thin sheet covering the rule of politics and the wielding of hard-fisted power by those who are winning.  There are rationalizations galore and there are innumerable posers, …

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Backseat Driving on Choice:  The Fight is Never Over

Organizing Rights Supreme Court

May 8, 2022             Pearl River     With the leak of Justice Alito’s preposterous draft brief overturning Roe v. Wade, the commentariat in the news, social media, city streets, and kitchen tables is in full force.  One of the most interesting pieces I have read offered an explanation for this fifty-year rearguard fight to overturn the …

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Thanks, Governor Abbot, You’ve Made Texas a Mess!

Ideas and Issues National Politics Rights Texas

            Marble Falls      There’s politics and there’s policy, and then there’s just plain reckless, egomaniacal tomfoolery.  It’s no longer “don’t mess with Texas.”  The signs should now say:  Texas is a Mess!  Governor Greg Abbott should have his picture on that sign, rather than in public offices around the great state.  He’s abandoned public …

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