Workers are Exhausted and Fighting Back:  Mary Gundel

Dollar Store Workers United Organizing Rights Wade's World Workers

            New Orleans      Recently, I shared a piece that asked the question about new found pandemic-induced appreciation for the American working class.  Supposedly, there is now an understanding that they are essential.  My question was: “so what?”  What are employers ready to do about it?  In the massive tide of worker-driven strikes we’re seeing …

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Burkini’s Aren’t the Half of It

ACORN International Rights Wade's World Women

            Pearl River     As soon as I was contacted about talking to Emory Professor Falguni Sheth on Wade’s World about her book, Unruly Women:  Race, Neocolonialism, and the Hijab, I was in.  The Alliance Citoyenne, ACORN’s affiliate in France, had been fighting all levels of government there to overturn restricts on women with hijab being …

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