ACORN Defunding Bill Unconstitutional

ACORN Ideas and Issues

Dallas              Federal Judge Nina Gershon ruled unequivocally that the Congressional defunding restrictions on ACORN and all affiliated organizations were unconstitutional by breaching the U.S. Constitution’s prohibitions on Bills of Attainder and “ex post facto” laws.   Reading the decision this morning, I can say that are arguments are straightforward, clear, and well researched             Judge Gershon …

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Frank Among the Faithful

ACORN Financial Justice

Easthampton, MA I didn’t like paying for the privilege but the chance to hear Congressman and House Financial Services Committee Chair Barney Frank pontificate to the faithful at the annual dinner of several small town committees in the Democratic Party heartland of Western Massachusetts was too good to miss.  I also wrongly thought that this …

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Credit Card Rips

Citizen Wealth Financial Justice

New Orleans There is a lot of talk about reforming credit card fees and rates, but a lot of this seems just that:  talk.  The House Financial Services Committee chaired by Barney Frank has talked about capping rates, but also seems powerless in the wake of many companies (including my own Union Privilege Card offered …

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