Visas for Temporary Workers are a Huge Issue…in Canada

ACORN Canada Immigration Reform International

 Calgary    Walking this morning, light snow was still sticking to the embankments along the curbside and puddles had a thin sheet ice, as spring was coming late to the northern Rockies.  Calgary continues to be an oil rich boomtown with population now surpassing a million people with low unemployment throughout the province of Alberta, the …

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Canada Leads the Way in Demanding Remittance Regulations!

Canada Citizen Wealth Remittances

New Orleans By late Tuesday night the last report was in from Vancouver putting a cap on actions across Canada in Hamilton, Toronto, and Ottawa in freezing and rainy weather as ACORN Canada ( members stepped out to demand of federal authorities in Ottawa and provincial administrators in Ontario and British Columbia that the costs …

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Wild Ride of Cowboy Canada

ACORN International

Kamloops After 12 hours in New Orleans my daughter dropped me at the airport for the milk run to Kamloops through Chicago and then Calgary.  I’m caught in a culture warp between Thailand, India, and now North America.  On the TV is the OLN (Outdoor Life Network) which is running a show filmed in beautiful …

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