Organizing Palm Oil Plantation Workers to Hold Bollore-Scofin to Account

ACORN International

Grenoble   Working with our ACORN’s partner, ReAct, yesterday we tackled tightening down and scaling up their accountability campaign on the giant French palm oil company, Bollore’ owned by Scofin, headquartered in Brussels. The plantations are broadly distributed around the world with locations as far afield as Cambodia and Indonesia but most concentrated in Africa with …

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Report from the front: Cambodia


New Orleans   Jeff Fox was the organizing director of the British Columbia Government Employees Union (BCGEU) and the head of the British Columbia NDP for many years before retiring.   In recent years he has been based with his wife in Kosovo, but given her role as country director there with an American pro-democracy training institute and …

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Worker Poverty in Sweat Shopping

Ideas and Issues Labor Organizing

New Orleans               An article by Ken Silverstein in Harper’s Magazine in the January 2010 issue labeled a “letter from Cambodia” and entitled “Shopping for Sweat:  The Human Cost of a Two-Dollar T-shirt” caught by eye immediately because of the controversy around Jeff Ballinger’s critique on the infinitesimally small progress that workers have made after years …

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