Dharavi Rocks and Other Partnerships

ACORN International

Mumbai The road to organizational sustainability seems marked sometimes by the signposts of successful partnerships saying “go” and difficult ones saying “danger – warning!”  Talking with Vinod Shetty, director of ACORN India’s programs in Mumbai, which arguably has more experiences with partnerships of all varieties than any other ACORN International operation is always an exhilarating …

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Soweto Kinch, Dharavi Rocks, and the Blue Frog

ACORN Community Organizations International International

Mumbai      One of the more unusual, and innovative, of the programs associated with ACORN Inte rnational and ACORN India’s organizing of the Dharavi Project with ragpickers in this huge mega-slum has been a partnership called “Dharavi Rocks” between our ACORN Foundation (India) and the Blue Frog jazz club in the central part of …

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Mumbai’s Lying Eyes

Community Organizations International Community Organizing International

Mumbai People are living everywhere in Dharavi, widely counted as India’s mega-slum near central Mumbai, and a target of big, billion dollar development plans supported by the Bombay Municipal Corporation.  But, the survey of housing units and census on population, particularly the parts that trigger any potential plans for relocation and BMC or developer compensation, …

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