Why Not Coffeehouses in Latin America to Support Cooperatives and Organizing

ACORN International Coffee Community Organizing Ideas and Issues

Miami              The more we talked to coffee producer cooperatives in the Marcala and San Juancito mountains of Honduras and tried to piece together a plan to directly trade coffee to the USA and Canada and especially our own Fair Grinds Coffeehouse in New Orleans and its monthly support of our offices in Central America, the …

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Civic Footprint

Canada Ideas and Issues

New Orleans  Here’s an interesting idea worth some thought:  creating and measuring a civic footprint. I had an interesting meeting on Saturday (www.mylifecity.com) about the “green footprint” of the coffeehouse, which involves everything from measuring carbon usage, utility utilization, composting, and whatnot.  On Sunday at an all-baristas meeting at Fair Grinds , I listened to …

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