The Disappearing Organizing Art:  Tagging

ACORN ACORN International Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple PodcastsPearl River     Those were the days!  As part of the ongoing 50th anniversary celebration of ACORN this year, different veterans have joined me on Wade’s World to share their memories and reminisce about their work when they rode for the ACORN brand.  We started out with Sue …

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Every Friday in Bil’in is Demo Time for Iyad Burnat and the Gang on the West Bank

Community Organizing International

Atlanta     Fred Brooks, an old comrade, and now professor at Georgia State, asked if I would be interested in hearing a visiting speaker, Iyad Burnat, who was a Palestinian organizer of nonviolent protests on the ever controversial West Bank and happened to be giving a talk at Kennesaw State at the international conflict resolution center up …

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