Eviction Statistics are Tricky, so Be Careful of First Impressions

ACORN Campaign for America's Future Citizen Wealth Financial Justice Foreclosure

Detroit    I was scratching my head.  Everything the ACORN Home Savers Campaign knew from our experiences in building committees in cities around the country and talking to renters and land purchase contract signers indicated that evictions and the threat of evictions were soaring.  In fact, in no small measure that was what was driving families …

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Land Contract Companies Settle Lawsuits in Cincinnati Without Celebrations

ACORN Citizen Wealth Financial Justice Ideas and Issues

New Orleans     In the more than a year that the ACORN Home Savers Campaign has built committees of owner-occupants in cities in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Georgia, and Tennessee to try to force companies to convert land contracts to ownership for the occupants, to renegotiate the terms, and bring homes up to standards, others …

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