NLRB Decision on Aircraft Mechanics at Boeing South Carolina is Huge Setback

Citizen Wealth Financial Justice Labor Organizing Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple PodcastsDusseldorf       Under this US administration, never say, “It can’t get much worse,” because it will.  In the assault on workers’ fundamental organizing rights under the National Labor Relations Act, the latest decision by the Trump-stacked board is potentially disastrous.  In a 3-1 decision with the NLRB’s Trump-appointed …

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Machinists Prove Labor Board Leverage Has Value, When it Works

Labor Organizing

 Little Rock                  To great fanfare the Machinists and its District Lodge (local union) 751 announced a new precedent setting deal with Boeing in Washington.  There was plenty of sugar in this coffee!  Reports on the 4-year package included an 8% bump in wages when inflation is now less than 1%, improved pension formulas, a $5000 …

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