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Kris Kobach and his Zombie-UFO Voter Fraud Scam

New Orleans   In a new adaptation of the old saw, it turns out that if you live by the tweet, you also die by the tweet. President Trump gave birth to his fake voter commission with a tweet as he tried to explain away his three million vote loss to Hillary Clinton in 2016. Recently, he killed the same commission with another tweet. Of course, with the President there’s never just one tweet involved without strafing every living thing around it with blame and retribution. A tweet never tells the whole story or often the real story either, and that’s also the case of killing this commission and its zombie afterlife in the hopes and imagination of Kris Kobach, the obsessive far-right governor-wannabe Secretary of State in Kansas.

The real reason that the Trump-Kobach voter witch hunt died rests solely on their feet. First, to no surprise, they couldn’t really find any evidence of voter fraud, which was no surprise because endless studies have been done previously with the same result. Secondly, Kobach put a dagger in the heart of the commission by claiming massive, game changing voter fraud in New Hampshire in advance of a commission hearing based on his misinterpretation of state law allowing students to register as voters where they went to school, lived and worked most of the year. Thirdly, the New Hampshire representative on the commission predictably went crazy over the Kobach’s claim that there had been massive voter fraud on his watch, and when Kobach and his cronies tried to freeze him out of commission minutes, information, correspondence, he filed suit to force transparency, and won the suit. And, finally, Kobach and his buddies tried to use the commission to force states around the country, who have the responsibility to run the elections, to turn over all their data, including voting histories, social security numbers, etc, many of which were blocked by local state law in both red and blue states. Bottom line, twelve states told him and the commission to go play in DC traffic and keep out of their lane. Reportedly, the titular head of the commission, Vice President Mike Pence had washed his hands of it all because of all of the mess, and most other politicians with any sense had steered clear of this runaway disaster.

The zombie-UFO hunting Kobach is still in the game, or at least so he claims to be as an adviser to the Department of Homeland Security in the hopes that he can prove that undocumented folks were voters. Hopefully, that’s just a face-saver and not a real program. Kobach’s own UFO-voter search in Kansas has yielded nine cases, most of which were elderly Republicans who made the mistake of voting twice.

It’s never over until it’s over, and since this is a huge political effort to prove a negative and find something that’s just not there, it may never end, but at least we have caught a break for a minute.


Fake Voter Fraud Commission Gets Real Pushback

Paris  On the eve of Independence Day in the United States, President Trump and his Kansas pistolero, Kris Kobach, who is ramrodding his fake voting commission, are getting a course in good old, American civics. Part of the lesson is about voting rights and the scrutiny of the ballot box, but the other part is that politics is not a zero-sum game: if Trump and Kobach win, then hundreds of local elected officials who administered voting lose.

States throughout the country have been pooh-poohing the Trump gang claim that there is voting fraud of any kind on their watch, much less that millions upon millions of undocumented folks swarmed the polls and skewed the results. One after another when contacted by authorities, reporters, and researchers have flatly stated, no, way.

The Commission acting from the bully pulpit, sent out a request for all the election officials for a ton of information, including social security numbers and other very private and privileged information. In ironic resistance, almost half of the states simply ignored the request and refused to send the information along. Some didn’t just ignore the letter, but scoffed at it in open rebellion, and this wasn’t just the usual bi-coastal suspects either. Arkansas and Louisiana haven’t figured out how they are going to handle what everyone sees as an overreach, but Mississippi was even more forthright. The top election official there said the commission could jump “into the Gulf of Mexico,” and furthermore that his state, lying along the Gulf, was a perfect place to jump from.

Of course rather than President Trump keeping quiet about the fact that he and Kobach’s snipe hunt has been exposed as just that, instead unleashes some of his terrible tweets, even in the midst of a media war with some morning show hosts for some inexplicable reason, conjuring up the charges of misogyny that roiled his campaign regularly. His tweets, predictably asked the resisters, “what did they have to hide.”

Earlier I mentioned that this was a good civics lesson about how politics really works when you are the ox trying to gore smaller oxen on the local field. I should clarify that saying this is a lesson, does not mean that Trump and Kobach will learn anything or pass the test, but as all of us who made it through public school know, just being taught the lesson does not guarantee a passing grade. Sometimes we ace it. Sometimes we flunk.

There is a last bit of irony here though. Kris Kobach, serving as Secretary of State in Kansas, and promulgating this mischief as clerk of the works for this Commission, is also not providing the records requested for voters from Kansas either. State law in Kansas forbids sending this kind of personal information to anyone. Other states do as well.

Pay attention in class, Donald and Kris, this is going to be a question on the test.