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Hospitality Wars Close to Settlement


Joe Hansen of the UFCW            New Orleans               It’s amazing to me how many people came up to me over the last week on the East Coast and mentioned having read my recent blog about “Pink Sheeting and One-on-One’s” in UNITE-HERE and elsewhere in the labor movement.  Google analytics tells me that this is most frequently visited current item on the list.

            An email shared with me by some young labor organizers who were veterans of the Cornell program reminded me how destructive such conflict is to the future of the labor movement.  An SEIU organizer was recounting the struggles to put together a majority in a unit of a couple of hundred workers over a number of months to suddenly find six UNITE/HERE organizers swoop down to turn the unit topsy-turvy.  There are probably similar stories with the union’s names reversed.  All of this redefines the “race to the bottom” in union membership and relevance for working people in America.

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