The Inside Story of Predatory Land Contracts

Ideas and Issues Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple PodcastsNew Orleans      A paper by Eric Seymour and Josh Akers in the Cities journal ranked the density of various forms of land contracts that have surged to the forefront in low income areas since the 2008 financial crisis.  This brilliant paper aligns with the work of …

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FNMA Opens a Crack in the Predatory Land Contracts Wall

ACORN Citizen Wealth Financial Justice

New Orleans   Fresh off our meeting and work in Detroit, the Home Savers Campaign got a break. In response to Baltimore Congressman Elijah Cummings complaints about Vision Property Management, the national rent-to-own operation’s lack of cooperation with him and his committee, symbolized by the lead poisoning of children living in one of their contracted properties, …

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Vision Rent-to-Own “Buyers” Meet and Find Out Every Deal is Different

Citizen Wealth Financial Justice Foreclosure

San Francisco  The first organizing meeting in Detroit of the Home Savers Campaign had spirited discussion when families discovered that they only had one thing in common in the contracts they had signed with Vision Property Management or its subsidiaries: the contract itself. When it came to the terms, to everyone’s shock and anger, everyone …

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