A Window into the Reality of Organizing in Nairobi’s Korogocho

ACORN International International

New Orleans   Often it’s hard to describe what ACORN International’s organizing is really like in mega-slums around the world and the very different challenges our organizers face in building effective and potentially powerful membership run and funded community organizations. Last week ACORN Kenya had scheduled a large rally in Korogocho, the 2nd largest mega-slum of …

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Ushahidi, the White African, and the Power Tools for Community Organizations

ACORN International Community Organizing International Remittances

Nairobi We met the future, and it is us! Ok, calm down, it’s not that easy, and it will take awhile to get there, but my Paladin Partner, Drummond Pike, the ACORN Kenya staff, Sammy and David, ACORN Canada’s Judy Duncan, and me sat down with Erik Hersman (@whiteafrican) of Ushadhidi, an amazing tech nonprofit …

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