The Vultures Are Circling the Housing Market

Foreclosure Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple PodcastsNew Orleans      Following right behind the crisis that tenants are facing with the eviction situation clouded in different courts and interpretations and no stimulus in the offing, mortgage holders are in a similar mess as the pandemic depression lengthens.  REITs and private equity operators on Wall …

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“Contract for Deed” Housing Purchases are Predatory and Discriminatory

Citizen Wealth Financial Justice

Little Rock   Reports indicate that more than three million people have bought houses under “contract for deed” purchases. Since many, if not most, of these kinds of housing purchases are not recorded, who really knows what the real numbers might be. The one thing that can be certain, is that the happy buyers, meaning the …

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Supreme Court Sinks More Homeowners into Permanent Debt

Citizen Wealth Financial Justice Foreclosure Ideas and Issues

New Orleans    In a startling unanimous decision, the US Supreme Court overturned an 11th Circuit Court of Appeals decision finding in favor of Bank of America that even bankruptcy protection does not allow underwater homeowners the ability to escape the obligations of second mortgages.  The impact of the decision allows zombie banks to continue operating …

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