Euphemisms and Rationalizations are No Substitute for School Board Elections

Citizen Wealth Education

New Orleans  Years ago New Orleans and many parts of Louisiana were referred to by various observers as “banana republics,” meaning corrupt empires run by demagogues, contemptuous of their citizens and normal democratic process.  Some would argue those were just the days of Huey Long, Leander Perez, and their ilk, bigger and badder than life.   …

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Steve Barr’s Charter School “Fake” Reality Show Outrages New Orleans Community


New Orleans    This New Orleans high school on elegant Esplanade Avenue is called “John Mac,” short for John McDonogh High School.  This was my “district” high school as a teenager in New Orleans.  The imposing building isn’t two miles from Fair Grinds Coffeehouse, City Park, and Bayou St. John.  But, somehow in the televised …

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