The Perils and Promise of Organizational Sustainability: The ADP Story

Citizen Wealth Financial Justice

Boston   We had an interesting session with Caroline Murray, former executive director of ADP, Alliance to Develop Power, based in Springfield, Massachusetts about organizational financing and sustainability.  In her 18-year tenure with ADP as a community organizer focused on housing issues initially in a campaign to convert rental units being flipped over after 20-years of …

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Despite Suze Orman’s Claim Prepaid Debit Cards Still No Good

ACORN Citizen Wealth Financial Justice Ideas and Issues

New Orleans    Suze Orman has made her reputation as a TV financial advisor.  Now she wants to promote a debit card for low-and-moderate income families who have weak credit and want the ability to operate differently.  Her Approved card needs to be renamed as the Improved card, but it’s still not a good card, or …

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