Spanish Banks Move to Freeze Foreclosures Sounds like a Plan!

Citizen Wealth Financial Justice Foreclosure

New Orleans   Watching the banks back track and squirm in Spain over foreclosures that ended in several well-publicized suicides that are now roiling the political establishment in that country is a good lesson in how financial institutions can actually be moved when political will begins to coalesce.   In the USA we certainly do not seek …

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Microfinance Company’s Own Investigation Proves SKS Provoked Suicides

ACORN International International

New Orleans    Working with ACORN International, Melanie Craxton from the University of Edinburgh and I produced a hard hitting report,  Mega Troubles for Microfinance, calling into question the claims that microfinance reduces poverty and the entire model of unsustainable practices, collection methods, and the resource bubble fueling their growth.   Sadly, a story written by the …

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