Community Organizers in Kenya Struggling with their Roles

ACORN ACORN International Community Organizing

Nairobi    A highlight whenever I’m in Nairobi is the opportunity to meet and dialogue with community organizers who are part of COPA Kenya, the Community Organization Practitioners Association of Kenya, and a unique professional association of organizers. We had what they call a “sharing” in which ACORN Kenya’s organizers, David Musungu and Sammy Ndirangu joined …

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Spreading the ACORN Gospel from Bristol

ACORN International International Organizing

Bristol              There’s no organizer that doesn’t want things faster, bigger, and better, which is usually why we are both gloriously happy for every day we are allowed to be part of the work and are worrying about the details the rest of the time.  Having now visited our quickly developing ACORN Bristol operation for the third time …

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Rethinking Training for Teachers, Doctors, and Even Organizers

Ideas and Issues Organizer Training Organizing

New Orleans       The old saw that went something like, “those that can, do; and those that can’t, teach,” is getting a beating about the face and arms now, as serious thinkers – and practitioners – in multiple fields are thoroughly beating down both the “nature versus nurture” mythology of the argument, as well as heavily …

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