Bristol Wins First Agreement for Improved Rental Standards

New Orleans       Catching up on Skype this week, it was great to hear the progress ACORN Bristol had made in the United Kingdom in advancing the campaign to win what they call an Ethical Letting Charter or a model set of standards for landlords and tenants.  The campaign has been developing for months as […]

Banking at the Post Office

Japan Post Bank  ATM at Japan Post

New Orleans      I’ve been on the post office bandwagon for some time as a solution for reducing the impact of predatory lending, check cashing, and money transfers or remittances.  It seems in the effort to protect jobs, the American Postal Workers Union may be planning to take just […]

A Victory for the Poor is Still Possible At Least in British Columbia

New Orleans        There are no good times to be poor, but these are especially hard times given persistent inequality and distorted public policies that throw a couple of nickels towards lower income families while opening the gateway to millions for those with big money.  All of which makes the ACORN victory in what might have seemed […]

NACLA Report on the Americas Going On-Line Only

 New Orleans     I have been a subscriber to the NACLA Report on the Americas for a decade or so and a reader for longer than that every time I would run into a copy.  Produced by the North American Congress for Latin America since 1967, the Report at its best offered insightful on-the-ground analysis of […]

India and China’s Devolution Strategy to Contain Workers and Unions

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

New Orleans      India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi from the conservative Bharatiya Janata Party or BJP swept into power largely due to his ability to convince Indian voters that the economic progress in his state of Gujarat was worth ignoring many other parts of his record including the communalist riots killing […]

Year End Meeting Highlights: Bengaluru, Checklists, and Campaigns

New Orleans               Ten organizations from the US and Canada in our family of community organizations, labor unions, media operations, and social enterprises came together as we do every year in a Year End / Year Begin Meeting to evaluate the work of the past year and plan for the current year.  Beside the people meeting […]