Leveraging Elections for Change

London      The ACORN London organizers working in East Brixton thought they would try to see what might happen with a combination training workshop and fundraiser. The topic they settled on, given that elections are on people’s minds for both 2015 and 2016, were how community-based groups could use the opportunities they present for accountability to [...]

Hiring Preferences

London     Talking with organizers in France and England about hiring and recruiting organizers exposes some interesting paradoxes and time lapses.

In France,  the preferred field to plow was often the university and post-university demographic. The recruits, when identified, would usually be asked to start as volunteers with perhaps just expenses paid. They used a [...]

Creating Global Capacity for Organizing and Campaigns

Wade, Eloise and Adrien from ReAct

Grenoble       Walking through the center of Grenoble my friends pointed out the statute in the plaza that heralded the French revolution. They reminded me that Grenoble took the pride of place in France that Boston, Concord, and Lexington claim in the American Revolution. Citizens began holding protest meetings and [...]

The Tough Process of Organizational Change

view of the alps from the office in Grenoble

Grenoble     Over the last week from Birmingham to Edinburgh to London and now in Grenoble,  it’s amazing how often conversations and questions focus as much on organizational change as organizing programs and prospects. Talking to Martin Smith, the organizing director for the GMB in London, he [...]

Republicans Can’t Shut Down Congress? Well, Let’s Take Some Licks at ACORN!

London       Two cold, crisp, but clear days in London, so I should have known that it would be raining as I head for the 445 trains that will put me in France later this morning to meet with more groups.  One almost predicts the other.   Same for the Republicans, it seems.  The radicals don’t seem [...]

Voter and Community Suppression Coming to United Kingdom

London    Talking to someone in the United Kingdom the other day, they made a comment that any new “bad” idea in the USA germinates for a couple of years and then pops up in a modified form in Britain.  Yikes!

One good, bad example can be found in the new voter suppression policies that are debuting [...]