Life on the Road: Munich Airport Chapter

Munich       In the curious way that the regional government of Puglia, Italy was reimbursing the Scuola di Bollenti Spiriti for my ticket, the rigid, sometimes almost irrational, rules meant to stop corruption that if the traveler, that would be me, left before Saturday, which was both the earliest time allowable and the latest possible departure [...]

No Al Carbone

Bari, Italy      Everywhere we look these days the discussion and activity is heating up around the impact of coal and climate change. One of the students at the Scuola di Bollenti Spiriti was Daniele Pomes, who is a key organizer in No Al Carbone, the No Coal campaign in Brindisi, Italy in the Puglia region. [...]

The Search for Community and the Hope for Organization in Southern Italy

the class today

Taranto       My second day as a “professor” at La Scuola di Bollenti Spirit, the School of Hot Spirits, we were set to dive into how to look at campaigns.  Roberto Covolo, the school’s director started with an exposition of some of the differences in the Italian understanding of “state” responsibility and reflections [...]

My First Day as a Professor at the Scuola de Bollenti Spiriti – the School of Hot Spirits!

class at Bollenti Spiriti

Taranto   The Scuola de Bollenti Spiriti, which is translated as the School of Hot Spirits, is an unusual name which may strike you as different, but in this case that’s a good thing because it is different and in quite a good way.  The school took applications from all over the state of [...]

ExFadda, a Model Social Enterprise Incubator for Youth in Puglia, Italy

ExFadda, the old winery owned by General Faddas

Taranto, Italy     After flying from New Orleans to Houston to Newark to Munich to Bari, Italy over an 18-hour period, there’s no sense in lying, I was beat up a bit when we coasted into the small airport at Bari along the Adriatic Sea.  Nonetheless, I was intrigued [...]

Retiring One Halloween Election Boogie Man: ACORN!

New Orleans   With the election here, the voter registration period is pretty much over in most states, except for those favored few who have same day registration, so it’s safe to finally talk about it a bit more and make some notes about some of the things that make 2014′s midterms different from elections over [...]