Why Not Coffeehouses in Latin America to Support Cooperatives and Organizing

Why not ACORN International / Fair Grinds Coffeehouses" in large Latin American cities?

Miami              The more we talked to coffee producer cooperatives in the Marcala and San Juancito mountains of Honduras and tried to piece together a plan to directly trade coffee to the USA and Canada and especially our own Fair Grinds Coffeehouse in […]

Caveat Emptor / Buyers Beware the Fair Trade Mess

New Orleans               Part of the global dispute that ACORN International highlighted in our recently released report, “Unfair Fairtrade”, burst into the business section of the Times in a weird piece of Thanksgiving celebration.  The issue engaged most directly continued to be the rouge retreat of Fair Trade USA and its chief, Paul Rice, from […]

Finding Transcendent Issues in Sicily and Occupy NOLA

Finding Transcendent Issues in Sicily and Occupy NOLa

Palermo    The Movimenti Civici di Sicilia or Civic Movement of Sicily had called together 40 of its key leaders and activists from throughout Sicily to participate in a workshop with me about strategy and tactics in building a more substantial movement for change city by city in […]

ACORN Canada, ACORN International, Many Others Banned from FEMA Funding

New Orleans Props to Dave Weigel of for bringing to the public a better understanding of how the Republican U. S. Congress is so consumed by hater-ation that they can’t see the desperate needs of victims of disaster because they are still blinded in the fog of their ghostbusting of the tragically defunct […]

Mega Troubles for Microfinance

Buenos Aires
Today ACORN International released a shocking report, Mega
Troubles for Microfinance (, as the result of months and years of
first skepticism and now study of the claims and contradictions of the industry. In a letter to
policy makers, politicians, and development agencies throughout the world, signed by ACORN
International President Kay Bisnah from Toronto and myself, we […]

Global Grassroots: Perspectives on Organizing

Missoula It’s been fun to look at the first, advance copies of the new Social Policy Press book, Global Grassroots:  Perspectives on Organizing. Sharing a copy with friends and family, the reactions have been positive.   People are finding surprises as they open the covers.

The book combines a pile of essays from organizers around the world […]