Building a Union of Street Vendors in Bengaluru

Bengaluru   I had a long list of things I needed to get done on this trip to India, catch up with Dharmendra Kumar in Delhi on our progress at blocking multi-brand retail in Delhi and stopping foreign direct investment, state by state, and evaluate our growing, alliance with hawkers, and my coming visit with Vinod […]

India for my Father in Pictures

Mumbai    In our continuing quest to communicate here is something of a photographic essay on some of the things I’m taking away from my last 11 days in India as I head back to the states, that I thought I would share, and that I hope you enjoy and feel like you were with me:

Every dawn […]

Big Claims and Baby Steps for Corporate Social Responsibility in India

CSR wall painting at Xavier Institute of Engineering

Mumbai    A week ago in Delhi I read an interesting argument on the op-ed page of the Economic Times by Kiran Karnik in which he argued that businesses in Indian needed to start going beyond the simple limits of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and begin a direct […]

Organizing Around Education and Art in Dharavi

new concrete fence and concertina wire in Dharavi after 10 meters of slums were cleared on each side of sewer pipes

Mumbai     This was a different visit to ACORN’s organizing in Dharavi.  In the year since I had been here the Mumbai water & sewer system had implemented their plan to clear away 10 meters […]

Back to Mumbai and “Behind the Beautiful Forever”

rooftop picture of slum in Dharavi, Mumbai

Mumbai     Registering slums and settlements is very important business in India.  Being a registered slum gives both immediate benefits and potentially some future entitlements.  Immediately there are things like water, not just the tanks making the delivery, but a commitment from the city that ends in standpipes and […]

India Right to Education Act and the Struggle for Equity amidst Corruption

Street Scene in Old Delhi

Delhi   As the United States confronts the issues of inequity it continues to be sobering in the improving economy of India to see how severe inequity can become and what it takes to try to catch up.   A good example of the effort is the new Right to Education (RTE) […]